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How to join Kuwait Sailing Club

Joining the sailing club is easy and all you need to do is visit the club (best time is Friday mornings after 10am), meet the members, have a chat with one of the officers about our fee structure and joining process.

KSC Members

Now for the slightly tricky part... finding a boat!

Most of the boats at the club are privately owned. The club has a limited number of boats that can be used by members with competent sailing skills. If you are a keen dinghy sailor looking to join the club then the best options purchase a used boat. Given the transient nature of expats working in Kuwait we can try help with tracking down a dinghy but it is a little hit and miss. Alternatively, you can now buy RS boats from Kuwait Watersports, click here to see the range they offer.

Another alternative, and good way to learn to sail, is to come down to the club and chat with existing members about becoming a crew. The availability of boats and helms for crews can not be guaranteed but we'll do our best to get you out on the water.

Also we provide non-sailing memberships. There are some kayaks for all memebers to use.So if you are not sure about sailing, but would like to get out on the water, we can accommodate you, no problem. Maybe you will be inpired to try sailing at a later stage!